2019 Islamorada Backcountry Tournament in Memory of Maggie Brown

Written by:  Kim Clement

The legendary Islamorada Backcountry tournament was an overwhelming success.  IWFA anglers fished three days for a variety of backcountry species including bonefish, tarpon, redfish and snook using 10# braid and 12# tippets on fly.  The ladies supported the “kick plastics” campaign by bringing reusable thermal water bottles on the boats.  A great member event was hosted by Amy Knowles where anglers dressed in creative Halloween bonefish attire.  Kim Harrison Clement with her large volunteer team produced another memorable event.

 The individual awards are as follows:

Spin Category Division I: First place - Carmen Perez-Padron (center); Second place - Mary Parker-Weingart (left); Third place - Linda Harper (right)

Fly Category Division II: First place - Cheri Tindall (center); Second place - Becky Strain (left); Third place - Jenny Parker (right)

High Point Angler Day One: Linda Harper

High Point Angler Day Two: Becky Strain

High Point Angler Day Three: Carmen Perez-Padron

NEWCOMER - Allison Stattner

The “First Fish Caught” went to both Becky Strain and Jenn Parker; the “Last Fish Caught” went to both Julie Brown and Aledia Tush.    

The following ladies took home impressive Team Awards:

First Place Team: Carmen Perez-Padron, Jenny Parker, and Aledia Tush.

Second Place Team:  Becky Strain, Lisa Everett, and Allison Stattner.

Third Place Team: Cheryl Culberson, Mary Parker Weingart, and Linda Harper.

Fourth Place Team: Angie Lucas, Denise Freihofer, and Lin Dockendorf.

Without a doubt, the rest of the fabulous ladies just had a lot of fun!

Special thanks go out to our hard-working Florida guides who excelled to capture 1st, 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

Spin Guides: Congrats to Rickard Black, Dave Denkert, and Frankie Ortiz for their professionalism and dedication to the success of our tournament! 

Fly Guides: Congrats to Steve Thomas, Mike Alfano, and Randy Stallibngs for their professionalism and dedication to the success of our tournament!

“A special thank you to the sponsor of the IWFA Islamorada Backcountry Tournament to include:  CCA Florida, Columbia Sportswear, Costa Sunglasses, Engel, Gillen Yachts, Lew's, Nautilus, Powerpro, and Yeti."