Junior Angler Program Guidelines

Mission Statement

The Junior Angler Program will be for IWFA members to provide opportunities for young girls ages 6 to 17 to learn about conservation, develop their angling skills, and participate in a monthly award competition under the mentorship of an IWFA sponsor.


Help raise awareness, and encourage participation in the sport of fishing by sharing a basic understanding and appreciation of fishing, and to prepare young girls and young women to be responsible anglers as well as good stewards of our marine resources and fisheries. Our ultimate goal is to have our junior anglers become future IWFA members. 


The Junior Angler Committee will consist of at least one board member and at least 2 IWFA members. The committee shall present a brief report to the board each month and a junior angler story, with photos, to the Publications Chair when submitted by the angler’s sponsor for publication in the newsletter and on the website. 

In order to become an IWFA Junior Angler, the girl must have an IWFA sponsor willing to accept the responsibility of mentoring her in conservation and the bylaws of the IWFA.The program will be open to young girls ages 6 to 17 years.  Upon turning 18 years of age, the junior angler may then pay dues to join IWFA. On becoming an IWFA member, the teen angler will leave her points behind and join the club as a new member. The junior angler fishing year for annual competition will follow the IWFA year. (January 1-December 31).
The initial membership fee is $50.00 a year to be sent to the IWFA treasurer.
Treasurer: Gail Kennedy McManus
169 Venetian Way
Islamorada, FL 33036

The returning membership fee will be $35 per year when the angler joins in subsequent years. Membership renewals will coincide with the IWFA starting in 2019. If a Junior Angler joins the program after October 1st of their first year, the fee will be $35. If returning members need a hat, the fee will be $15 plus their $35 dues. 

The junior angler membership application will be online at Junior anglers must have their parent or legal guardian help them complete and submit the application and liability waiver. The liability waiver should be sent digitally to Jenny Goodell at [email protected].  Once the online application has been submitted and the check and liability form have been received, the sponsor will be notified of acceptance into the program.

Point System

All fish on the IWFA approved list are eligible for points – there are no line class or tackle restrictions; however, all IGFA International Angling Rules, Limits, and Regulations apply.

6” – 12”                                    1 point
Over 12”                                  5 points
Sailfish                                     20 points
Other Billfish                            25 points

Freshwater and saltwater fish will be scored separately due to awards.  The catch and release form created by the committee needs to be filled out and emailed to the junior angler Affidavit Chair in the same time frame as IWFA members (by the 5th day of the following month from the catch). The junior angler can turn in fish caught while fishing with others if sponsor vouches for the catch.  This is a program for mentoring, education, and recognition.


Junior angler monthly awards align with the guidelines followed by the regular members of the IWFA (certificates given at the 1st monthly award, 10th, 25th, 50th, 100th…). To be eligible for annual awards, the junior angler must have an IWFA sponsor. Annual Awards for junioranglers will be Top Saltwater Angler, Top Freshwater Angler, Top Fleming Species Award, and Top Service Project Angler. Junior anglers will be limited to 1 yearly award (Top Saltwater Angler, Top Freshwater Angler, or Top Fleming Species Award).  The top service project angler award is open to all junior anglers. Any angler wanting to compete for the Top Service Project will submit documentation and photos describing her project to the committee for consideration (see service award criteria).  The Top Service Project award does not have to be given each year. If the junior angler winners cannot attend the IWFA Annual Awards Luncheon, sponsors will be responsible for presenting awards at a Funament or activity (i.e. lunch with other IWFA members present, if possible). The sponsor will take photos and send with an article to the junior angler Communications Chair and she in turn will send information to the Board and the Publicity Chair for recognition.  In the event of a tie, the Junior Angler committee will find another sponsor or sponsors. 



Junior Angler Program Chair – contact person for the membership and Board.  Accepts any and all information and directs it to the appropriate committee chair. May serve on any of the junior angler committee positions as needed. Monthly contact with committee members for reporting, follow up and needs assessment.  Monthly written report to the Board submitted by Chair or committee Board member. No formal meetings unless committee deems necessary. 


Youth Communications Chair – write quarterly newsletter article and send to Publicity chair, monthly notes to junior anglers/sponsors encouraging anglers/sponsors to send photos to the IWFA Publicity and Website chair and creating if necessary and sending invitations to junior anglers and their guests for the Annual Awards Luncheon.

Julie and Jenny

Youth Membership Chair/Co-Chair – duties include managing applications, contact the IWFA Regional Rep Chair to notify Regional Reps of a junior angler in their region, keeping track of parental permissions and membership renewals, mailing (cost from donations) a welcome letter, a catch and release form, IWFA information letter, Junior Angler Program guidelines, species list and a hat. 

Molly and Carmen

Youth Awards Chair/Co-Chair – duties include mailing monthly certificates to junior anglers, procuring 2-3 sponsors for Annual Teen Angler Awards – award’s chosen with committee approval, notify Annual Award winners and their sponsors, follow up with presentation information, review Top Service Award applicants and present recommendations to the committee, and notify Communications Chair to make sure information is shared with Board and IWFA Publicity Chairman.  


Youth Affidavits Chair – duties include receiving and tracking catch and release totals and record keeping. Present names of monthly award winners to Youth Awards chair after the 5 - day deadline for production of monthly award certificates.  Present names of Teen Annual Award winners to Award Chairs in the same time frame as IWFA guidelines.


Respectfully submitted,

IWFA Junior Angler Committee:
Chair – Jenny Goodell
Awards - Molly Fleming/Carmen Perez Padron 
Communications – Connie O’day
Membership - Julie Brown/Jenny Goodell
Affidavits - Joanne Kolius