Junior Angler Top Service Award Criteria 

The IWFA Junior Angler Program Committee would like to honor young women who connect with opportunities that give them a sense of purpose, provide them with valuable hands-on experiences, and allow them to give back to their communities by providing them a chance to compete for an annual Top Service Award.

Eligibility requirements:
  1. Service award participants must be enrolled in the IWFA Junior Angler program. 
  2. The Top Service Award is for individual achievement; however, individuals who perform community service as part of a group are eligible. 
  3. The service the Junior Angler completes must be voluntary and unpaid.
  4. The service completed must be above the basic level required for membership in a service-type organization or club.
Award Criteria:
  1. The junior angler will submit a brief description or summary of their service/service project of no more than 1 page in length. Be specific with regards to how long you have been involved with your project/organization, the number of service hours performed, type of service done, and the special qualities you’ve gained or exhibited.
  2. Submit no more than 4 pictures along with the summary.
  3. Include a recommendation letter or sponsor letter that explains why you should be considered for the Junior Angler Top Service Award.  

Important Notes:  What you submit may be read by a Committee Member at the IWFA Annual Luncheon. If the junior angler top service award winner(s) cannot attend the IWFA Annual Awards Luncheon, sponsors will be responsible for presenting awards at a Funament or activity (i.e. lunch with other IWFA members present, if possible). The sponsor will take photos and send with an article to the junior angler Communications Chair and she in turn will send information to the Board and the Publicity Chair for recognition.

      4. Completed top service award applications are due by February 1st. Late nominations will not be    accepted. Send applications to [email protected]