IWFA Junior Angler Point System and Species List

All fish on the IWFA approved list are eligible for points.  There are no line class or tackle restrictions; however, all IGFA International Angling Rules and Regulations apply.
6” – 12”                 1 point
Over 12”                5 points
Sailfish                20 points
Other Billfish       25 points

Freshwater and saltwater fish will be scored separately due to awards.  The catch and release form created by the committee needs to be filled out and emailed to the junior angler Affidavit Chair in the same time frame as IWFA members (by the 5th day of the month following the catch).  The junior angler can turn in fish caught while fishing with others if sponsor vouches for the catch.  This is a program for mentoring, education, and recognition.

Species List

Albacore Drum, Red Permit Spearfish, Atlantic
Amberjack, Greater Flounder, Fluke, Gulf, Northern, Southern Pickerel. Chain Spearfish, Ghortbill
Arawana Gar, Alligator Pike, Northern Splake
Barbel Gar, Florida Piranha, Red Sturgeon
Barracuda, Great Gar, Longnose Pollack, European Sunfish, Green
Barracuda, Guinean Gar, Shortnose Pollock Sunfish, Redbreast
Barracuda, Mexican Gar, Spotted Pompano, African Sunfish, Redear
Barracuda, Pacific Grayling Pompano, Florida Swordfish
Barramundi Grayling, Arctic Queenfish, Doublespotted Taimen
Bass, Australian Grayling, European Queenfish, Talang Tambaqui
Bass, Black Sea Grouper, Black Redhorse, Shorthead Tarpon
Bass, European Grouper, Broomtail Rehorse, Silver Tarpon, Oxeye 
Bass, Giant Sea Grouper, Gag Rockfish, Black/Blue Tautog
Bass, Kelp (Calico) Grouper, Goliath Rockfish, Yelloweye Tench
Bass, Largemouth Grouper, Red Roosterfish Threadfin, Giant African
Bass, Rock Halibut, Atlantic Runner, Rainbow Threadfin, King
Bass, Shoal Halibut, California Sailfish, Atlantic Tigerfish
Bass, Smallmouth Halibut, Pacific Sailfish, Pacific Tigerfish, Giant
Bass, Spotted Huchen Salmon, Atlantic Trahira, Giant
Bass, Striped Inconnu Salmon, Atlantic (landlocked) Trevally, Bigeye
Bass, Striped, Landlocked Jack, Almaco Salmon Chinook Trevally, Bluefin
Bass, White Jack, Crevalle Salmon, Chum Trevally, Giant
Bass, Whiterock Jack, Horse-Eye Salmon, Coho Trevaly, Golden
Bass, Yellow Jack, Pacific Crevalle Salmon, Pink Tripletail
Bluefish Kahawai (Australian Salmon) Salmon, Sockeye Trout, Brown
Bluegill Kawakawa Samson Fish Trout, Brown
Bonefish Kokanee Sauger Trout, Bull
Bonito, Atlantic Ladyfish Seabass, Blackfin Trout, Cutthroat
Bonito, Pacific Leerfish (Garrick) Seabass, Japanese (Suzuki) Trout, Golden
Bowfin Lingcod Seabass, White Trout Lake
Buffalo, Bigmouth Mackerel, Cero Seatrout, Spotted Trout, Rainbow
Buffalo, Smallmouth Mackerel, King Shad, American Trout, Tiger
Bullhead, Black Mackerel, Narrowbarred Shad, Hickory Tuna, Bigeye (Atlantic)
Bullhead, Brown Mackerel, Pacific Sierra Shark, Black Tip Tuna, Bigeye (Pacific)
Bullhead, Yellow Mackerel, Spanish Shark, Blue Tuna, Blackfin
Burbot Madai Shark, Bonnethed Tuna, Pacific Bluefin
Buri Marlin, Black Shark, Hammerhead Tuna, Southern Bluefin
Carp, Common Marlin, Blue (Atlantic) Shark, Mako Tuna, Bluefin
Carp, Grass Marlin, Blue (Pacific) Shark, Porbeagle Tuna, Dogtooth
Catfish, Blue Marlin, Striped Shark, Tresher Tuna, Longtail
Catfish, Channel Marlin, White Shark, Tiger Tuna, Skipjack
Catfish, Flathead Meagre (Incl Southern) Shark, Tope Tuna, Yellowfin
Catfish, Redtail Meagre, Southern Shark, White Tunny, Little
Catfish, Sharptooth Mullet, Sea Sharks, Whaler Wahoo
Catfish, White Muskellunge Sheepshead Walleye
Char, Arctic Muskellunge, Tiger Skipjack, Black Warmouth
Cobia Nembwe Snapper (Squirefish) Weakfish
Cod, Atlantic Oscar Snapper, Cubera Wels
Cod, Pacific Parrotperch, Japanese Snapper, Gray Whitefish, Lake
Conger Parrotperch, Spotted Snapper, Guinean Whitefish, Mountain
Corbina, California Payara Snapper, Mullet Whitefish, Round
Crappie, Black Peacock, Blackstriped Snapper, Mutton Yellowtail, California
Crappie, White Peacock, Butterfly Snapper, Pacific Cubera Yellowtail, Southern
Carp, Grass Peacock, Orinoco Snapper, Papuan Black Zander
Dentex Peacock, Speckled Snapper, Red  
Dolly Varden Pellona, Amazon Snapper, Yellowtail  
Dolphinfish Perch, European Snook, Atlantic  
Dorado Perch, Nile Snook, Pacific  
Drum, Black Perch, White Sorubim  
Drum, Freshwater Perch, Yellow Spadefish, Atlantic