Monthly Detail Reports for the 2018 Fishing Year

The IWFA has a yearly competition among the members for the opportunity to win many different awards. The IWFA species list is used for scoring the points earned on a monthly or yearly basis. A combination of species are the criteria for the top two awards given each year. The IWFA follows the calendar year for all awards, January 1st through December 31st. All IWFA members in good standing are eligible for monthly and annual awards. For a complete list of awards and rules, please refer to the Club Fishing section of this website.

The Monthly Detail Report allows members to audit their submissions of affidavits for a given month. Any errors or omissions must be reported to the Affidavits Chair within 30 days from the posting date of this report.

Click on the link provided to view the report:


Fishing Month and Year
01 - 2018 

02 - 2018

03 - 2018

04 - 2018

05 - 2018

06 - 2018

07 - 2018

08 - 2018

09 - 2018

10 - 2018

11 - 2018